I strive to take the most natural photos I can. I try to use natural light as much as possible except with receptions, because let's be honest-- flash is great for a party. Sometimes I have visions for photoshoots where my backgrounds are fun colors or over-edited but for the most part, I keep things simple. A photograph to me is a teeny tiny moment in time that I get to capture so I like for my subjects to be relaxed, comfortable, and in their element. I've learned that a large part of photography isn't just looking through your lens, it's talking and connecting with others. Ten years ago, I could barely hold a conversation but now it's one of my favorite parts of the entire process. Connection is so vital, not just between a photographer and a subject but also just amongst the subject(s) themselves. Have you ever had photos taken and thought "Wow, I look so stiff. We look so awkward." That isn't a good feeling and that's part of my job to fix in the moment. 
Standing in front of a camera is not easy. I've done it and I always immediately feel myself tense up. I rarely have photos taken because of that but I'm trying to work on it and be more open in the future. I'm also constantly evolving behind the camera. I've always said there will always be room for growth and I firmly believe that. There is no ceiling in an industry that has so many different styles and options that are ever-changing. I'm excited to see what 2024-2025 will bring, I have a lot of projects up my sleeve!

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